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Rosa Herring

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170923 Oldest artsit Audrey Catford Quid

Audrey Catford

Linda Robson


Jane Taylor


Sidney Roberts


Dani Fox-Rennie


Jennifer Tyler

Inga portrait.jpeg
jan edwards portrait.JPG

Rosie Gipson

Inga Lauriston


Ken Taylor


Sandie Smith


Mary Crowther

Jan Edwards

ages 15 to 97, some amateur, some students, some semi-professional, some retired….. all are resident in Quidhampton

The artists

Coronavirus means we cannot exhibit in the village hall so thirteen artists from Quidhampton (population c.410) are exhibiting their work online for the enjoyment of villagers and the wider public.


Some artists have never exhibited before. 


See the artists' work via the submenu by hovering over Artists and Exhibition   Or click on their photos. The special section Corona creativity shows  art inspired by and created in lockdown.

Interested in buying?  Contact the individual artist directly, or if there's no email link on their page, make contact via Give us your feedback 

Want to contribute and encourage our artists? Artists' hope some of you will consider making a donation towards our historic village hall. (Update: From November 2020, donation please instead to Salisbury Hospice Charity)  You can give via card or Paypal on the buy art or donate page  For direct donations go to Meadow Barn, Fisherman’s Reach Quidhampton.

See more about Quidhampton and the village hall 

And please tell us what you think. Give us your Feedback 

Jennifer Tyler, chair of the Village Hall Committee, thanks all the artists and those offering to buy, or make a donation

Hover over the menu to continue, or click on an artist

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