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Susie - honoured to be called in for selection in the RP 2020 portrait competition

Petya June 2019 IMG_8173.jpg

Petya - Sarum Studio portrait model

Isabel April 19 IMG_7772.jpg

Isabel - exhibited at the Bath Society of Artists annual open exhibition, June 2019

200425 Annunziata.jpeg



Ken Taylor - portraits



I took up portrait drawing and painting in 2008 after retiring from a career as an engineer with Shell.  

I became a part-time student of portraiture at Nicholas Beer's Sarum Studio in Salisbury in 2015, and now work largely in oil.

​Lockdown led to work at home, first on this portrait of Annunziata.  Anthony Connolly, a professional portrait artist, set the task and coached students via zoom.  


I also tackled a double portrait: Rosie and Steve on their wedding day.  It was experimental for me as it was the first time I had painted a double portrait and it is smaller than life size.  Rosie and Steve were very pleased to accept it as their wedding present.


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I do no obligation commissions (if you don’t like it you don’t pay).




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