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…… learned crochet 

Linda Robson

- a prolific lockdown

I decided to teach myself to crochet in the lockdown and started with the rainbow.  I then moved on to baby sharks for my running club, then cacti and there’s no stopping me now!  

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Fish from glass, and driftwood

I then joined the Salisbury  Makers Hub and started sewing PPE: scrubs, masks, hats and bags for local community groups and organisations so they didn’t have to use short supplies of existing PPE.  Having supplied several thousand pieces of hand sewn PPE the group moved on to setting up community mask trees for everyone in the local community. People made donations in exchange for the masks for donation which went to charities. The Salisbury District Trees have raised over £10,000 for charities. 

The Quidhampton Tree has raised £675 for the village hall and MacMillan Cancer Support.

….. and from an earlier life

Indian dolls for a road trip in India with five girlfriends

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