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From a Feb/March cruise up the coast of Norway – and fortunate to get back!

One of the on-board attractions was Watercolour Classes, and, among other things, we painted puffins (not that we saw any!).


Still life begun at Salisbury Group of Artists Friday Art in early March, then I added to it to make it into a picture.

Like many of us, I have so appreciated my garden during lockdown. And is it my imagination, or are the flowers even more glorious this year?

Food, for me, seems to have had added importance in recent months. I started this painting (from a Friday Art still life) last year and finished it recently.

Jane Taylor - watercolour

Like a lot of people I did art at school, then didn’t pick up a paintbrush again for years.


Then, when doing training for ministry (I’m a retired Methodist minister) I felt the need to do some art again. In the 40 years since then I’ve tried drawing, watercolour painting, experimenting, always learning.

But I’ve always struggled to find time, motivation and confidence to paint and draw and have come to realise that quite a lot of people have similar struggles.

So one of my skills (and delights) now is to try to guide and encourage beginners and would-be artists to ‘have a go’ – simply for enjoyment!

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